Orly's Halley's Comet & Beyond the Zone's Temporary Hair Color Bombz

I went to my local Sally Beauty Supply today to pick up something (later in the post) and while perusing the nail polish section I saw that they had Orly's Cosmic FX Collection on sale for $3.99 each (Transdesign is selling them for $10 each if you need a reference point)! They only had four of the six colors, so I only picked up Halley's Comet, Lunar Eclipse, and Out of This World. They also had China Glaze's most recent Halloween collection on sale, but I didn't buy any of those.

Here's what Halley's Comet looks like (pre-clean up, no top coat):

It's SO glittery and has much more of an emerald influence than I've seen in pictures online. Halley's Comet is very much a mermaid color. All of the Cosmic FX colors that I saw are gorgeous in the bottle and they're fabulous in sunlight.

My trip to Sally's was to check out Beyond the Zone's Temporary Hair Color Bombz. I have this fascination with dyed hair in non-traditional colors, and ever since Kelly Osbourne rocked this look a while back,

I've been obsessed with this color. The website and color sample in-store showed that Party on Purple was a dead on ringer for Kelly's color, so I bought it since I wanted something temporary and I'm too chicken to really dye my hair. All you have to do is shake the can for a bit, and then spray your hair where you want color (it rinses out with a regular shower shampooing). It's very easy.

Here's my hair pre-spraying after a day out and no styling (hence the hot-mess):

Here's my hair post-spraying:

I cannot express how little effort or care I put into this test. I just wanted to see if it would show up--that's why it's streaky and uneven and pretty much ridiculously stupid looking. So, this test is just a test of color quality, not application, because no effort went into application.

As you can see, it's much more pink on my hair than it is lavender. That's probably because my hair is naturally dark brown. I bet if I had blonde hair it'd turn out more color-accurate, but I don't mind so much because I only want to do some streaks underneath or if I'm feeling crazy, some Nicki Minaj dip-dye styles:

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