Megapost: Gradient Leopard, F21 Glitter, Home Movies

Here's a sponged on gradient using the blues from OPI's Shrek Forever After collection:

I know, I do the leopard a LOT, but it's really great for covering up little mishaps. Tip: Use a new sponge for the best application, not a sponge that's been used for nail polish sponging before.

I decided to try out Forever 21's nail polish line, Love & Beauty. It's only $2.80 a bottle online and they have a huge collection that's worth checking out. Here's their Confetti Sparkle Polish in Dark Purple:

It's pretty good! I would recommend using a solid color as a base coat like white or black, because after three or so coats you can still see through to the bare nail in places.

Here's part of my pet project from the past month or so. I purchased one of those giant plates with 42 practice nails on it and I've been using it to try things on. Here's my tribute to one of the best non-kiddie cartoons of all time, Home Movies:

Ha, imperfections really show up in an up-close picture... Anyways, their names are written on the side of the nail (Brendon, Melissa, Jason).

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