Wonder Woman Mani

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Right now, the beauty world is abuzz with MAC's release of a Wonder Woman themed collection (and yes, I have already ordered one of the lipsticks which I will review when I get it). I decided to do one of my faux-Minx manis and use MAC's Wonder Woman promo images directly on my nails.

Blue nails: China Glaze's First Mate.
White star: Flexbrush's white (water based)
Red/Yellow stars: CM Nail Art

Basically, you print out an image, cut it out to roughly fit your nail and apply it to a wet layer of white polish, then file the excess paper off downward much like you would Incoco strips or Nail Rock Nail Wraps. Super easy! You will need some heavy-duty top coat though. I prefer to use an old, thick Seche Vite. Make sure to seal in all the edges, because as you can see on my thumb, water will get in there if you wash your hands or take a shower and start to bleed the colors together. This can also be bad for your nail so if you notice it happening take it off asap.

All images belong to MAC Cosmetics and DC Comics.

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