Swatches: ¼ China Glaze's Anchor's Away Collection

From China Glaze's Anchor's Away Collection, here's Sea Spray, First Mate, and Below Deck (with OPI's The One That Got Away and Not Like the Movies with Black Shattter):

(Two coats of each on the mini swatches)

They look more vibrant in the pictures than they are in real life, which is a good thing. They're all kind of dusty and muted yet still really pretty. These were the only ones in the collection that really caught my attention.

Here's a full hand of Below Deck (2 coats). This is a great mauve and I'm glad colors like this are making an appearance this season.

And here's the lovely Sea Spray (2 coats). The best way to describe it is that it's the spring version of China Glaze's For Audrey--it's muted and delicate. There's a very discreet shimmer to it, but it's not shimmery enough to off-put people who prefer cremes.

First Mate (2 coats) is so nautical! It's a proper navy blue. Applying it was a bit tricky because it's ever so slightly runnier than other China Glaze polishes, but it's not so runny that it interferes with the color application. Just prepare for a lot of cleanup afterwards!

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