Review: Burst Crackle's Pretty-N-Pink

I've seen Burst Crackle colors offered on Transdesign, but I haven't heard anything about them and there's hardly anything about Burst Crackle online. I decided to order Pretty-N-Pink and try it out.

If the rest of the Burst Crackle line are anything like this one then I am SOLD. It crackles so quickly and mostly in square/rectangle shapes. I didn't have any of those tiny, long strips that I often get with OPI's Black Shatter. Burst isn't as finicky as Black Shatter either... BS always felt like a struggle to get to crack and I never felt like my nails were dry enough, while Burst shattered on not-completely-dry nails (dry to touch, but bumping them did damage). The Burst Crackle range has more colors than anyone else at the moment (including metallics) and the price was the cheapest I've found yet.

This particular color isn't 100% opaque, but it's pretty darn close.

Here are some samples:

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