Sephora Beauty Insider's Birthday 2012 & New Sephora Store Visit

After many, many years of hoping and dreaming, my town finally got a Sephora freestanding store (the JC Penney ones just aren't the same)! I made my first trip today where I took advantage of my Beauty Insider birthday gift for the first time.

There's something about Sephora that's so serene and peaceful, but there are still some design flaws---I'm looking at you, Nail Studio display! All of the other displays for cosmetics are fairly well lit considering the color scheme of the store, but the Nail Studio display was SO dark! Anytime I was interested in a color I would have to pull it out of the display and find some decent light elsewhere. Also, there are those plastic sample color nails next to the polish that it's demonstrating, and if you're not tall enough (like me) you're not going to be able to see what's on the upper shelves without being blinded by the bright light underneath the faux-nail. This sucks because when you want to see how the magnetic polish patterns look on the sample, you can't make yourself tall enough to see the perpendicularly placed nails. They could at least be placed at a 45-degree angle so us shorties (actually, I'm considered average) could see something... but check out this $30 Sephora by OPI 18K Gold Top Coat (it was placed down low so I could see!):

Can I whinge about something else that's totally not Sephora's fault, and is instead the fault of crappy parents? There were kids going BANANAS in the store. They were grabbing the tester products and applying it directly to their faces (instead of using the q-tips or sponges) while their parents were blissfully unaware. There is nothing more mortifying for this germaphobe than seeing an 8 year old sitting in front of a giant mirror with a tube of red lip gloss and going round and round her lips with the lip gloss wand with that wide-eyed, adrenaline-face that kids get when they've been allowed to do something out of the ordinary like drink mass quantities of soda. This same face struck another, unrelated girl whose adult informed her that "All the polishes in the front of the rows are testers!". Lady, you don't tell this to an under-10er because you know they're going to get polish all over everything. I then had to shop for my polish with a kid half my size running circles around me. The moral of this story? Sephora is an mature store, so leave the kids at home or at the very least, supervise them heavily.

Okay, enough complaining and on to the awesome stuff. If you're a Sephora Beauty Insider you get a freebie on your birthday (technically you can get your freebie 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your actual birthday). 2012's freebie is Fresh's Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo (Lip Treatment SPF 15 and Rose Tinted Lip Treatment) and it's lovely! They're not full-sized, but they're not small...they are perfect for purses and pockets! They're also really sturdy and not flimsy feeling like a lot of minis are.

Check out my shiny new Beauty Insider card! I've never had one since I've only been able to online order so I'm super stoked to have one! Yay for Sephora fun-times! Is that sentence the lamest way to end a post? YES!

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