Swatch: Revlon's Whimsical (430)

So I was walking past the cosmetics section in my local grocery store while kind of looking at what was around, but not looking for anything specific, when I walked past Revlon's nail display and actually said out loud, "Whoa." The display had all sorts of non-traditional, Revlon-y colors (reds, dark reds, pinks) and instead had bright, Summer-y colors like limes! What the what! I nabbed the unusual Whimsical (which I've read is an almost-dupe for Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air) and made my way to checkout.

Check out this glitter. It's got super tiny aqua, pink, and silver glitter, and also has medium aqua and pink glitter pieces. What's cool about Whimsical is that the glitter isn't in a clear base, but rather a sheer, milky, baby sea foam one. With multiple layers it gives the effect of looking at something shiny that's submerged under a few feet of ocean or lake water. You know it's shining, but can't really see it unless it's closer to the surface. That's what happens here---different levels of submersion give depth and new visual interest to the glitter.

Bottom line: It's funky. It's fresh. It's girly without being vomit-inducingly sweet.

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