Born Pretty Store's Pink/Yellow Floral Water Decals

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It's no secret that I love me a good water decal, and these decals from Born Pretty Store are pretty darn good! They're pretty thick so they won't tear easily and you can readjust them if you need to. They're also really pigmented so you don't need a polish color underneath.

Since these are thicker decals, I made sure to use a tacky-wet, super sheer polish as "glue" to hold the decal on my nail securely. Also, due to thickness, these decals don't want to immediately lie flat against the nail. So, when the decal is positioned where I want it I press the whole nail flat into my palm so the heat from my hand sort of molds the decal into place against the nail. Yes, it will have wrinkle lines, but a top coat will cover them and make them nearly invisible.

Aren't these decals cute? I love how they have a watercolor look to them!

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Plus, they already offer fast, free worldwide shipping, so it's double awesome. Have a look around their store because you're going to find something really cool with a great price!

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