KKCenterHK's N.NAIL Mermaid/Libra/Capricorn/Scorpio/God of Love Stamping Plate

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Stamping plates are genius, right? They make nail art that would be SO difficult extremely easy. That's why I love this plate from KKCenterHK. Could I ever hand draw tons of tiny stars? Heck no, and yet, here they are on my nails and it took, like, five minutes to do. We are living in the future, you guys!

…Anyways, this plate is a little weird because it's very specific. I'm assuming this is an astrology/mythology themed plate since there are stars, zodiac symbols, and a mermaid, but there are enough elements of this plate that makes it purchase-worthy. The stars are to die for and the mermaid is  going to be a summer staple. The others I could live without, but they may come in handy one day since they look pretty cool.

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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