Born Pretty Store's 3x3mm Rose Gold Square Studs

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I wasn't expecting much of these studs since I haven't had the best of luck with studs in general, but since I'm still super jealous of people who do amazing hardware-work, I decided to give it another go. And I'm so glad I did, because these studs from Born Pretty Store are fantastic!

They're a perfect size (small enough to lie flat on the nail, but not so small that they're hard to handle), they're sturdy, and they shine so bright that they look like rhinestones. I love these things! Word to the wise: I got a pack of 20 and that covered the two nails you see here and left 6 extra. Keep that number in mind for reference if you want to do designs on more nails.

Ugh, gorgeous!

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Plus, they already offer fast, free worldwide shipping, so it's double awesome. Have a look around their store because you're going to find something really cool with a great price!

Born Pretty Store Coupon for TornadoCalli Readers

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