Born Pretty Store's Shark Patterned Full Nail Sticker

These shark patterned nail wraps from BornPrettyStore.com are pretty wild! 3 of the 6 patterns you receive are shark-themed, while the other 3 are random geometric patterns. It doesn't make any sense, but who cares if it's cute?

Here's all you need to know about these nail wraps:
  • They actually stick to your nail
  • They can stretch to smooth out against your nail (they're kind of rubbery), so no snagging!
  • They don't freak out with a top coat--no peeling, crackling, major shrinking (I used Seche Vite)
These guys ace all of the major issues that sticker nail wraps usually have--which is pretty major! I love these wraps and as I type this, I've had them on for a few days and I have no plans to take them off for a while. These are A+!
pictured without top coat---Seche Vite later smoothed out all the ridges

For 10% off at Born Pretty Store use code GVG10
Plus, they already offer fast, free worldwide shipping, so it's double awesome. Have a look around their store because you're going to find something really cool with a great price!

Born Pretty Store Coupon for TornadoCalli Readers

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