FSU Homecoming Nails

This week is a big week for any Florida State University student--Homecoming week!

Yesterday I was in the Homecoming Parade and went to Pow Wow (ft. John Oliver & Fred Armisen), so I had to be themed out!

Garnet: OPI's Not Really a Waitress
Gold: OPI's Bling Dynasty (Hong Kong collection, Spring 2010)
Gold Glitter: CM Nail Art

The Chief Osceola heads were done by printing them out on computer paper, cutting them along the image edge, and applying them to still tacky polish. I would only recommend doing this on lighter polish colors (like the gold) because the polish does tend to show through the paper after you seal the paper in with a clear coat. This initially happened on my garnet finger, so I put another Osceola on top of a bled-through one, which helped greatly. Before I applied the paper to my nail, I wish I had rolled it so that it curved to fit my nail. This may or may not help with how the paper peels up from the polish. Either way, you'll probably have to stay on top of the paper and make sure it doesn't pop up.

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