Newspaper Nails - Version 2 (B&W Comics)

Newspapers seem to be successful in the nail world. My first newspaper mani has continually dominated the top spot in my "Popular Posts" column on the right. Here's a different and more colorful method to get newspaper print on your nails. Also, I'm trying out the rounded nail shape as Nonie Creme (Butter London's nail goddess) has officially declared that square nails are out!

The purple base is China Glaze's Light as Air (2 coats) and I used the comics section instead of an article, so there are images and different fonts.

1) Paint your nails any fairly light color and let dry completely
2) Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol so that the whole nail is wet
3) Take a strip of newspaper and place it on your nail
4) Hold for about 30 seconds (longer is better if you can) without moving it
5) Peel off the newspaper

-The print will come out backwards, so keep that in mind
-It helps to cut the strip in roughly the shape of your cuticle

You're done! This technique is so easy to do. I can't wait to try it with color comics!

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