Swatch: Wet n Wild's Forbidden Love

This color is that defined my high school years. I wore it almost every day of my senior year and this polish even makes an appearance in my graduating picture--you know, the one where you hold up your diploma and act all excited? Yeah, that awkward one. But alas, I grew weary of this color after abusing it for so long... and it didn't help that OPI released the South Beach collection (and I fell in love with "Done Out in Deco") right about at that same time. So, I put it away and it sat in the darkness of my cabinet for a few years until today, when I decided to bring it back!

Wet n Wild's Forbidden Love is a sheer, creamy, super light peach. It's perfect for Spring and it's a nice flesh tone. Did I mention that it was only 99 cents when I bought it? I say "when I bought it" because I bought this bottle years ago and I haven't really kept up with Wet n Wild since. Anyways, 99 cents is an awesome deal!

While I love the color and what it looks like when it's on, it did take 3 coats to get fairly decent coverage, and even then you can still see the nail line. It also takes FOREVER to dry. As I write this, it's been like 8 hours since I've applied Seche Vite top coat, and I'm still not convinced that the polish is stable. I think it's shifting underneath the dry Seche. Another downfall: it lasts unchipped, like, a day maximum. It's really a shame because I'm crazy about the color and jelly-like look.

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