The Nerdist Pod-mani

Iiiiiiittttttt'sssss a mani! Iiittt'ss a tribute! It's a mani, it's a tribute, it's a manute? Okay, so that's not as catchy as the Quemment song but I tried, okay?

If you are not aware of The Nerdist, either as a person, industry, podcast, or "way", you've been left behind! Click the links and educate your sheltered self!

This is my tribute to the podcast cover art (Hi Chris, Jonah, and Matt!)... and as you can see, mimicking a font by hand (with a brush) is hard, you guys. I randomly picked 11 as the podcast number which happened to be Eugene Mirman's and God's Pottery's episode. As I recall, that episode was hilarious.

Enjoy your burrito!