Review: The Art of Shaving's The Perfect Shave

This post is SO overdue... so much in fact that the picture I had prepared has one of the old watermarks (expect the same with a bunch of LUSH bath bomb posts--my tub is out of commission)! Anyway, I've been wanting to try The Art of Shaving's The Perfect Shave for a while, but wanted to use my samples at the opportune moment. Well, that moment came when I gave myself a terrible case of razor burn on my legs. I tend to sit on my legs (Yes, I know it's bad for my knees!) and when it became too painful to do so because of the razor burn, I figured that the opportune moment to use these samples had presented itself.

This kit is a 3-step process and is very easy to use, yet it's a little time consuming (took me about an hour to shave my legs in my bathroom sink). Did I mention that it's originally for men? I had read about women having good results using it, but I was wondering if the products' scents would be too masculine. They weren't. In fact, the scents were very unisex and pleasant. (EDIT: I just noticed that this product is considered "Unscented", but it does have a scent... I'm assuming they mean "Unscented" in the sense that they didn't add artificial or an additional fragrance, but again, that's just an assumption.)

You start with applying the pre-shave oil, then the shaving cream, then you shave and apply the after-shave balm. All of the products are very thick... So thick in fact, that my sink had a lot of residue left in it. You're supposed to use a single-blade razor and I did not, so my 3-blade razor got a bit clogged. I was able to successfully clean it with hot water later when I was done. Afterwards, my legs looked great! I got a close shave and the skin looked healthy. The after-shave balm lasted a long time as well and held its scent. The next night, my skin was still fairly moisturized (3 showers later). Days later, my skin still felt great. It didn't have that "I'm recovering from a slight trauma!" feeling that my legs tend to have after a normal shaving. I really wish I could buy the after-shave balm on its own, because I'm missing the scent and its lasting power!

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  1. awesome! i need to find this somewhere, thank you for sharing!!