E.L.F.'s Complexion Perfection & Golden Bronzer

I was surveying my makeup box/container/treasure chest thing and noticed that one brand is slowly becoming a favorite. E.L.F.'s (eyes lips face) line is cheap, cruelty-free (yay!), and good quality. When I say this stuff is cheap, I mean each product is usually under $3.

Pictured on the left is their Complexion Perfection powder and on the right is their Golden Bronzer. From the picture you can't see that each comes in a black compact with a mirror (a brush isn't included). When using these, you run your brush across all four quadrants which blends them together--Easy peasy. The Complexion Perfection mixes to be a flat, almost white powder and the Golden Bronzer mixes to be a shimmery bronze color.

I love both. Neither are overbearing and seem like they're meant for building color. I have a problem with redness in my cheeks so the Complexion Perfection makes me look like a normal human being, and not like an overheated weirdo. The Golden Bronzer is a pretty friendly bronzer in that it would compliment many skin tones. The shimmer also offers a little bit of coverage if you have any blemishes. I'll also add that when I say "shimmer", I don't mean glitter. Overall, these are both good buys especially for the price.

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