Water Decals: Hello Kitty (Gold Metallic)

It's water decal time again! Thanks to KKCenterHK I was able to try these Hello Kitty metallic gold water decals. These are a true metallic and they almost look embedded into the nail after they've been applied.

I only put these decals on a few accent nails because I thought the look would be too girly and sugary on every nail (especially over pink polish). I regretted this though because the decals look so amazing on that it wouldn't have been overwhelming to have them on each finger.

These were really easy to apply--they didn't take much soaking time and came off the paper easily (you could tell when they were ready to slide off the paper because they felt slimy). They didn't wrinkle very much at all and I didn't experience any tearing. Next time I'm going to put these over black polish to really exploit the contrast of color and shine!

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**This product was sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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