The BE Team's Makeover
Remember the royal wedding? Remember the less-than-flattering outfits Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore? Let's just say it was a low, low point for those ladies if you can't recall those unfortunate outfits. Anyways, The BE Team were in desperate need of makeovers and boy did they get them! I must say, I'm most impressed with Beatrice's new style era in particular. Click here for a look back at The BE Team's old look versus their new, improved style!
Almond Water
Back in school it was a running gag amongst my friends to check out what wild, new drink I had. I was always searching for the best flavored water, most interesting tea, or craziest exotic soda... basically, I was searching for the drink that would explode my mind. After years of searching and sipping, I think I've finally found "my" drink: Victoria's Kitchen's Almond Water (Original). It tastes sweet, but not soda sweet. It's like a liquid baked good--like biscotti almost. It's very hard to describe, but if you like almonds you'll like Almond Water.

I feel like I'm seeing flamingos everywhere. I'm not complaining, in fact I love it! I love their weird shape. I love their coloring. I love flamingos! My favorite interpretation of flamingos is by Lilly Pulitzer in her Gimme Some Leg print (pictured). These colors scream "summer fun" to me. Love it.

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