KKCenterHK's Peach Flower Water Decals

I love a good water decal because they're an easy way to get ridiculously good looking nail art---and I'm talking professional nail art. Just slap some top coat on there (seriously, do it because it hides any wrinkles) and you'll be looking like you dropped some serious cash on your nails.

These peach floral water decals from KKCenterHK are great because they're subtle. You could wear these in a professional environment and on a night out. Versatility is a major plus in my world. I'm going to keep these guys on my nails for as long as I can!

If these lovely decals look familiar to you (or you just need something with a little "pop!") check out the hot pink version here!

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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