Wonka Randoms

I've been a lifelong fan of Wonka Candy (and really, who wouldn't be after the two movies?), so I was definitely interested in trying the new Wonka Randoms when offered up by Smiley360. These are more than your average gummy candy, they're made with 7 flavors and 3 textures. My favorite ones have a white back to them and have a gooey, fruity center. They're sweet, but not overly sugary, and I'm obsessed. I was sent two bags for free about a week ago and they're already gone because they're SO good! If I see them in the stores when I'm out running errands this week, I'm definitely buying another bag!

…and if you needed proof that these really are "random":

Disclaimer: I did receive these for free, but that doesn't have any effect on this review.

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