Lady Queen's 3D Pink Flower Stickers (#11)

Hooray for more nail art goodies from LadyQueen.com! These 3D pink flower stickers make intricate nail art so easy to do. Peel 'em off, slap 'em on, you're done! These specific stickers are the super pliable, "gummy"-textured type of stickers that lie flat easily and can even stretch if you need them to.

Here are my two major tips to do a successful mani with these stickers:

  1. Wait until your base polish is 100% dry before you apply the stickers (if not they will pull on the polish making it lumpy and uneven)
  2. Avoid placing the sticker on the edge of the nail and filing the excess off (since they're "gummy", they'll continue to move after filing and create rough edges).

If you follow those two points (unlike me as you can see from the pics--whoops!) you'll have gorgeous nails. I mean, look at that silver line work! They're ultra shiny and very detailed. The pink filling with silver outlining would look great on a contrasting base color, but as you can see, the tone-on-tone look it pretty lovely, too.

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