Venture Bros. Nails [Set #2]

My second attempt at Venture Bros. themed nails in honor of the epic one-hour season finale this Sunday at 11:30 on [adult swim]! Apologies for my bizarre creative interpretations of these beloved characters. Dean is kind of melty, Dr. Venture is totally giving you the side eye, and The Monarch kind of looks like a monkey, but hey this was my first detailed attempt! (See below for the leopard)

**All likenesses/images belong to [adult swim], Astrobase Go!, and Bif Bang Pow!

Base - China Glaze's Sun Worshipper (Poolside collection Summer 2010), 3 coats. Does this color turn out matte for anyone else?
Flesh color - Flexbrush's water-based Light Peach
Brown beard, hair, freckles, and eyebrows - Flexbrush's water-based Brown
Yellow crown and accessories on The Monarch- CM Nail Art's Yellow

Base - China Glaze's Sun Worshipper (Poolside collection Summer 2010), 3 coats. 
Spots - China Glaze's Sugar High (Up & Away collection Spring 2010)
Black outline was done with a Dou'ble-Art pen.
No clear/top coat.

Here's the backstory on the Dou'ble-Art pen: Transdesign has them for only $3, and I needed a new black color for nail art, so I figured it was worth a try. The pen has a pen tip and a thin brush so I knew if  the pen didn't work I would at least have a brush to use. The pen is AWESOME. It is so easy to use, very opaque, and hardly has any application problems except for the occasional bubble. It even comes with a long needle-thing to keep the flow of polish clog-free. If you want to do a leopard print, this is the product to use. I will definitely be buying more pens. Oh and take note, that picture is of my right hand... that's right, that hand looks pretty darn good for not painting with my dominant hand--that's how easy this pen is to use!

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