Celebrate Your July 4th With the Veep!

Independence Day is just around the corner for us Americans, so I thought I'd pay tribute to our fictional VP, the "Veep" herself, Selina Meyer, and her hilarious staff members, Dan Egan, Amy Brookheimer, Gary Walsh, and Mike McClintock, with another "floating head" manicure!

To recreate this look, paint your nails any color as long as you top it off with a clear coat (I used Nails Inc.'s Holographic top coat). Then cut out whatever images you want as long as they fit within the surface area of the nail (it's not wise to have the image sit on the edge of the nail where it may become exposed to water). Put a small bit of clear coat wherever you want the image to sit and press the cutout onto the nail (you're essentially using the clear coat as glue at this point). Make sure that the cutout is sitting flush with the nail. Cover the cutout in another layer of clear coat--make sure that no dry paper is exposed (you don't even have to cover the entire nail if you're going to add the stripes, just make sure the cutout is sealed in). To make the stripes you need to paint clear tape with blue and red polish and allow it to dry. Cut the tape into strips or whatever shapes you like and apply them to the nail. Seal the entire nail with a top coat or else the polish may separate from the tape and fall off.

That's it! "Wait!" you're thinking, "But where do I get those teeny-tiny Veep heads?" Right here! Save the image below and print it out and get to making your own Veep manicure... and then post it in the comments 'cause I want to see what you guys come up with! It should print out at about 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. And check it out--you even get a bonus Jonah option for the fans of the wise-crackin' White House liaison that I didn't use in my mani!

Click here for another one of my "floating head" manis (Doctor Who themed)!

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