Bobby Pin Factoids & Tidbits

Bobby Pin 101
  • I'm willing to bet that you're wearing your bobby pins incorrectly. You know that side with all the bends and angles? It's supposed to face your scalp. Did I just blow your mind? Try wearing your bobby pins the correct way and see if you notice an improvement in their hold. I did!
  • Did you know that bobby pins are different from hair pins? Hair pins are shaped like open Vs and bobby pins don't have a gap between the metal bars.
  • Too many bobby pins lying around the house? Use one as a bookmark!
  • Are your bobby pins scratching your head when you slip them in your hair? Check to see if the rubber tip is missing from the end. They're easy to miss, but your scalp will thank you.

  • Ages ago I scored a pack of bobby pins that came with a fancy-shmancy case flip top case. I haven't seen these much around nowadays, but if you have a Tic-Tac case, it's basically the same concept. Upcycle your old mint container and never lose a bobby pin in your bag again!
  • If you need an alternative solution to bobby pin storage, you can try a flat magnet sheet stuck to the inside of a drawer. I covered this one in chevron sticker paper (that I printed at home) and stuck it in my main makeup drawer that I use every day. I was previously holding my essential number of everyday-pins on a small piece of card stock paper that would get lost in my makeup box, so this is a much better option for me.
  • Another option is to have a designated glass cup or bowl for them. You could even clean up and reuse small glass food containers (ex. baby food jars) and use that instead.

  • Ever find yourself cleaning out your bathroom drawers and end up with hundreds of unused bobby pins? Instead of tossing out the gross excess, why not revamp them? Break out a hot glue gun or E-6000 and glue small buttons or cute odds and ends to the curved tip. 
  • Want to do something easier? Paint them with nail polish or color them with a metallic Sharpie (don't Sharpie the rubber ends because it'll rub off). This is so easy and so, so cute!

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