Wedding Guest Nails

Hot off the heels of my derailing back injury, I had a work event to organize, and then a friend got married, so I got caught in the eye of that super-fun storm... hence the lack of posts lately! So, let's enjoy my wedding nails!

I had some things to consider when choosing a color:
  1. It had to match two outfits because I knew there might not be enough time to change the color between the rehearsal dinner (outfit: black LBD with leopard heels) and wedding (navy lace dress with mint heels).
  2. It couldn't be a wild color. It had to be a color considered "nice" when looking at photos 20 years from now.
  3. It had to be a color that could have a glittery top coat should there be some damage that I needed to quickly fix.
The choice was easy: OPI's Strawberry Margherita (later Essie's As Gold As It Gets was applied)! Check it out with my uber-trendy wedding jewelry that I'm totally in love with:

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