KKCenterHK's N.NAIL Gold Diamond Nail Foil

Nail Foils: They look difficult to use, but really they're super easy to apply. Take the special glue that's used for foils and paint one coat over your nail. Wait until the glue dries completely clear (super important). Place a piece of foil silver side down on your nail and smooth it out. Boom, you're done!

I LOVE the look of nail foils. They give the Minx-look, but don't come with the wrinkles and corner uplift. However, the major flaw of these is the glue base. It never fully dries so the foil color can shift and scratch off. It's a bummer. You can use a top coat over nail foil… but with mixed results. Fast drying ones will really wrinkle and tear up the foil and no top coat (to my knowledge) can prevent the glue underneath the foil from moving. Still, for a night out on the town these would be amazing!

Get your own nail foils at KKCenterHK.com!

With some clever glue work, you can even do designs!

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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